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Hold The Dream!

Are you holding a dream in your heart and have been waiting for its fulfillment? The three words, Hold The Dream!, have been ruminating in my spirit for several weeks now.

As I pressed into and relied upon the Lord for further revelation and expansion of this message, I received an expected confirmation of it by way of a telephone call.

When I answered the phone, I could sense the excitement in the person’s voice as she asked me if I could recall a dream that she’d been given in 2005. This woman and her husband were working in another country at the time. What’s amazing is that she recalled such vivid details of this dream down to the minutest details which are soon to be fulfilled.

Even more astounding is that one of the facilitators of the dream’s fulfillment worked with this woman’s husband at one point in time within our country.

God truly does have every hair on our head numbered, and there’s not a sparrow that falls to the ground outside of His will [Luke 12:6-7.]

From Dream to Victory!

During our conversation, I told her that I did remember the dream which I thought was most interesting at the time given their family dynamics. I also reminded her that the fulfillment of the dream she’d been holding in her heart would be completed 17 years later.

Prophetic symbols for the number 17 are victory, complete rest, our walk with God, and the perfection of the spiritual order of things.

Suddenly, every door that needed to be opened flew wide open without any hindrance as God perfected or brought to maturity the spiritual order of things. All He was waiting for was this family to hold the dream and say YES to His plans and purposes.

A Dream Within A Dream.

The lady who called me and told me of her family’s dream fulfillment had received her dream within a night dream in 2005.

Your dream may have also originated during the night season or it could be something that God has supernaturally deposited within your heart.

The bottom line is that God, the Supreme Dream Giver, will typically implant His dream using one method or the other.

Hold The Dream Lessons From Hannah’s Life.

The Biblical account of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1-2 is a wonderful study regarding holding a dream in our hearts.

#1. History and background:

Hannah lived with her husband, Elkanah, and her tormenting sister wife, Peninnah, in the mountains of Ephraim. Suffice it to say, there were strained family relationships since Peninnah had children, but Hannah did not.

Per the Jewish custom of the day, Elkanah made his annual trek to Shiloh to sacrifice to the Lord in the presence of the appointed priests, Eli, and his sons, Hophni and Phinehas.

When Elkanah made his offerings, he would give portions to Peninnah and all her sons and daughters. Hannah received a double portion.

As the years continued to roll by, Peninnah’s provocation to Hannah became more pronounced which caused her to weep and not eat. (1 Samuel 1:1-7.)

Peninnah’s name means Pearl. One of the negative connotations of this prophetic symbolism is arrogance and pride. Positive ones include revelations of God’s word and spiritual treasures, our faith, the gate of the heavenly Jerusalem, the Lord Jesus Christ, and His kingdom.

If we pause to think of how a pearl is formed through irritation in the shell of an oyster, we can only imagine how irritating Peninnah’s conduct was toward Hannah.

#2. Hannah’s Vow To The Lord:

“Then Elkanah her husband said to her, ‘Hannah, why do you weep? Why do you not eat? And why is your heart grieved? Am I not better to you than ten sons?’”

“So Hannah arose after they had finished eating and drinking in Shiloh. Now Eli the priest was sitting on the seat by the doorpost of the tabernacle of the Lord. And she was in bitterness of soul, and prayed to the Lord and wept in anguish. Then she made a vow and said, ‘O Lord of hosts, if You will indeed look on the affliction of Your maidservant and remember me, and not forget Your maidservant, but will give Your maidservant a male child, then I will give him to the Lord all the days of his life, and no razor shall come upon his head.’” (1 Samuel 1:8-11.)

This Biblical account continues with a challenge from Eli, the priest, accusing Hannah of being drunk while praying in the temple.

#3. In The Process of Time:

Verse 20 of 1 Samuel 1 states, “So it came to pass in the process of time that Hannah conceived and bore a son, and called his name Samuel, saying, ‘Because I have asked for him from the LORD.’” (Emphasis mine.)

It’s so instructive to continue to read completely through the first and second chapters of 1st Samuel as there are bountiful lessons in there full of such good spiritual meat!

Prophetic Insights For Daily Living.

#1. Are you holding a dream in your heart or spirit? God is the dream-giver. I would highly encourage you to revisit that dream and continue to pray to God and not give up on Him. If you’ve not written or typed it out previously, it’s very important to do so to help you remember all of the details thereof.

#2. Our faith will be tested as we wait for our dream to be fulfilled. One can only imagine how humiliated Hannah was when she left the temple following Eli’s castigating accusation.

Ironically enough, God fulfilled Eli’s words, “Then Eli answered and said, ‘Go in peace, and the God of Israel grant your petition which you have asked of Him.’” (1 Samuel 1:17.)

Here’s another 17 for you as Eli’s comments appear in the 17th verse of 1 Samuel Chapter 1. It’s fun to look for God’s little nuggets in His word.

Hannah’s faith was tested to the very limit, but she remained faithful to God during her trial, lack, grief, and humiliation.

Every believer’s faith will be tested to the maximum. The question is, “How will we respond and conduct ourselves until the answer(s) come?”

Hannah’s name means grace or favor. Will we continue to walk out our challenge in a graceful manner?

For an additional faith builder, I invite you to revisit my November 11, 2020 blog post titled The Missing Piece.

puzzle with missing piece
The Missing Piece

Here’s the weblink: https://sheilaeismann.com/lifes-puzzle/

#3. A dream can oftentimes be tied to our God-given destiny. We definitely see this in the Biblical account of Hannah praying for a child. Samuel was a powerful and anointed prophet, priest, and judge in Israel. God did not let one of his words fall to the ground. (1 Samuel 3:19.)

#4. What has been the specific opposition to the fulfillment of your dream?

In the process of time as you’ve been waiting for your dream fulfillment, what Christlike character or fruit of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5:22-23 has God been developing in you?

#5. After Samuel was weaned and taken to serve in the temple of the Lord, Hannah poured out her heartfelt prayer before the Lord in 1 Samuel 2:1-10. 

A suggested spiritual exercise is to read carefully down through this prayer and make a note of where The Holy Spirit stops you. Record this in your prophetic journal for future reference as this may well be a comfort to you.

#6. As our dream giver, God always provides and delivers exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think. (Ephesians 3:20-21.)

Blessings follow in the train of dream fulfillment.

Following Samuel’s birth, God remembered Hannah and gave her three more sons and two daughters. (1 Samuel 2:21.)

Revisiting the telephone call I received recently, God is most assuredly going above and beyond what this family ever expected as He has added another teenager to their household. It has been a real faith builder for all of them 17 years later. I hope it is for you also as you read and study this prophetic blog post.

The words of King David from Psalm 138:3 are perfect companion ones to go along with Hannah’s prayer in the temple.

“In the day when I cried out, You answered me,
And made me bold with strength in my soul.”

As you hold the dream in your heart and wait for its fulfillment, stay bold with God’s strength in your soul.

Until the next message,

SFE (Sheila, Fellow Encourager)

Sheila F. Eismann, Prophetic Seer, Blogger, & Author, publishes her blog posts endeavoring to encourage others through God’s word.  Her writings include teaching and instructions on how to apply prophetic insights for daily living.

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