Freedom Is Your Destiny!


Is freedom the hallmark of your life or are you achieving freedom? Are you fulfilling your God-given destiny? Each of us is involved in a battle whether we realize it or not. For some, this will be of a physical nature as well as a guaranteed spiritual one. Vietnam Veteran Dan Eismann, using combat experiences to illustrate spiritual truths, invites you to take a journey with him as he presents a rock-solid strategy for not only fighting your spiritual battles but winning the all-important war. In the midst thereof, the most vital aspect is realizing you can experience freedom and become all that God has destined you to be!

Freedom Is Your Destiny! Book Review by Larry Dandridge, LTC Retired

The author Dan Eismann uses his courageous and selfless military service to our great nation to educate the reader on the fundamental teachings of Christianity. The details about his exciting and sometimes near-death attack helicopter missions and challenges a door gunner are accurate descriptions of  gunship and slick helicopter exploits in Vietnam. His ability to relate combat and military service to the Bible and God’s plan is right on the mark. The details of door gunner and Army Aviation are accurate and the book is quite inspiring. Not only is this author a good writer but also an American hero. I know because we flew together in Vietnam. His tremendous personal faith, patriotism, bravery, honesty, and success as a lawyer, judge, husband and family man, and state supreme court justice are another great example of how very much his generation has contributed to this wonderful country! Everyone should read this book —– it will help clarify how everyone should live, whether they be a Christian, Jew, or other.

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