Heart to Heart From God’s Word


A combination of daily devotional and prayer journal designed for encouragement providing a dose of what is beneficial, ethical, and honorable. Penned with humor and wisdom, the daily tidbits are paired with Bible verses that convey life-changing principles which are designed for readers of all ages transcending cultures and continents. This book will challenge you to grow and fulfill your God-given destiny. This book doubles nicely as a daily prayer journal as well. It can be purchased any time during the year. For example, if you purchase it on the 1st of May of one year, continue with the book until the next year. Oftentimes, people are under the impression they must purchase a daily devotional book at the first of the year, but it works anytime!

Heart to Heart from God’s Word Book Review by Christi Putz, Global Sales Marketing Manager

A phenomenal Biblical resource for daily devotions and journaling for a full-time working mom of a three and six-year-old. I especially enjoy and appreciate the general space under each devotion to journal notes about the day, how the scripture speaks to me that day, and any other special memories I want to capture. The author has a nice personal touch by adding some familial sayings too which adds a little humor to the devotions as well. HIGHLY recommend this book!

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