A Woman of Substance


This is a Women’s Bible Study that hits the mark of truth for all women who desire to live within our society with confidence in who they are. Establishing a firm spiritual foundation is vital in our unstable world. A Woman of Substance affords an outline upon which to build that foundation, providing a breadth of Biblical teaching that allows deep spiritual growth. In this practical step-by-step study, a woman’s beauty is revealed to be deeper than the surface of her skin. Each reader will be able to glean from these practical teachings through clever analogies of everyday applications that will help build her thoughts and boundaries which will stand against any manner of adversity. She will also be able to identify other women of substance and appreciate how they influence the lives of those around them. This book can also serve as a devotional to accompany your individual Bible studies.

A Woman of Substance Book Review by Author Lorrie Broadie

“A Woman of Substance” by Sheila is truly written by a woman of substance! A true friend of Jesus and His Words, Mrs. Eismann strives to share His blessings with every woman. Her Bible study/workbook allows any group or individual to learn about the strengths and purposes of women in God’s great plan. Mrs. Eismann is a dedicated follower and teacher of the true Words of The Holy Bible and of God’s great plans for each of us. I am blessed to have had the privilege of purchasing and working through Mrs. Eismann’s book, “A Woman of Substance.” I recommend this book to anyone who wants to grow in the Words and teachings of our Lord’s great Bible.

Thank you, Mrs. Eismann, with humble gratitude, for sharing your knowledge with me and others.

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